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The CVAC™ Process

Introducing the CVAC™ Process:

For more than 20 years, people ranging from young children to senior citizens have experienced the CVAC™ process as a natural means to help improve fitness and endurance. It has also been used by athletes of all levels to increase their competitive edge.

The CVAC™ Process is:


CVAC™, which is short for Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning™, offers a fitness experience unlike anything else on Earth.

During a CVAC™ session, you’ll sit comfortably for about 20 minutes while your body is massaged with rhythmic changes in pressure, temperature and air. When the pressure increases, the air becomes ‘thicker’ and warmer, like a sunny summer afternoon. As pressure decreases the air becomes ‘thinner’ and cooler, like a crisp morning in the mountains.


The CVAC™ process works by applying patterned pressure changes to fresh air. It doesn’t use chemicals, additives, or nitrogen / oxygen separators.


You’ll experience the CVAC™ process by relaxing in a comfortable pod for as little as 20 minutes*, two or more times per week.

Use this valuable ‘alone time’ to read, catch up on emails or phone calls, or even take a nap.

What will your CVAC™ Experience be?

Words like ‘amazing’ have become a cliché in advertising.

Is CVAC™ amazing? We think so, but you’ll never know unless you experience it for yourself.

*After a brief introductory period.